In ItProject we know of the importance that a Human Resource That is why ITProject offers a wide range of trainings that allow people to update and improve their knowledge, apply what they have acquired in each of their activities and be differentiating elements in the work environment they perform.

We Build Team with Agil Culture

“We know of the importance of Human Resource”

Has for a company and in a world as changing as that of Information Technology, the constant learning, development and improvement of human talent becomes a necessity to generate added value to products and services offered; turning people within the organization into a competitive advantage within a highly demanding market.

Among the trainings we offer we have:

Best Practices Software Development

You will be able to know what activities are necessary to optimize your processes in software development, as well as those tools and methodologies that you should adopt to make the most of your resources. Among the topics developed are:

  • Requirements Definition
  • Design patterns
  • Development Standards
  • Methodologies for test planning and execution
  • Secure Application Development

Continuous Integration

DevOps | CI/CD | Automate Testing

You will learn how the relationship and dependence between application development, quality assurance and operational processes will allow you to create software products and services quickly, with the highest quality and cost optimization. Among the topics to be developed are:

  • Tools for source code management.
  • Tools for continuous integration
  • Tools for the execution of automated tests
  • Creation and update of Artifacts.
  • Change Management Process
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Application monitoring

Agile Methodology

With this training you will learn how to generate a work culture oriented to the continuous and incremental delivery of value in the development of applications, a methodology that has been adopted by large companies both in the ICT field and outside it, as it guarantees the participation of All interested in the development of a project, which translates into optimization of resources and a deliverable with the best quality. Among the topics to be developed are:

  • Importance of Implementation of an Agile Culture in an Organization
  • How to Create an Agile Culture
  • Roles within Agile Methodologies
  • Types of Agile Methodologies
  • Advantages of application development using Agile Methodologies


Given the number of projects that are executed in a newspaper in any company, there is a need for the role that is responsible for administering the entire process of executing a project, with this training you will obtain the necessary hours to be able to perform the certification test by PMI, among the topics to be developed are:

  • Types of PMI Certification
  • Areas of Knowledge
  • Quality management
  • Resource management
  • Time management
  • Risk Management
  • Project Stakeholder Management

Business intelligence and Data warehousing

Learn the main components, tools, best practices and visualization of information to improve strategic business management. Among the topics to be developed are:

  • Business Intelligence Fundamentals
  • Definition of business KPIS
  • Data warehouse
  • Data modeling
  • ETL tools
  • Data extraction
  • BI tools
  • Information display

Big Data

Learn new technologies for data analysis, identify the type of Big Data solutions can help an organization and govern its implementation within it.

Machine Learning

Learn the machine learning predictive algorithms, add value to your company and become a Data Scientist.

Oracle Developer

We will introduce you into the Oracle Developer’s world starting with PL/SQL code and how it works like a Oracle forms engine to create new forms, its behaviour, and you will learn to create  the setup for developer environment, pakages, sub programs, items, list of values, manage blocks, relathionship, canvas, windows and libraries.

Bi Publisher

Create a new BI publisher report using the data definition, data templates  with a single data query, ETL procedures, performance enhancements. This for a single BI Publisher instance or Bi publisher for Oracle EBS.